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It’s not unlike human nature:  attention is paid to the outward appearance first, they we start to look “inside”….

To ensure that the interior of your car is always up to standard… you can trust PULIMAX.

PULIMAX is a universal detergent suitable for cleaning fabrics, skay and plastic parts.

PULIMAX cleans and restores the colours of the seats, dissolves dirt and any traces of nicotine from the weave of the fabrics, dispels even the most stubborn unpleasant odours and guarantees a thorough, hygienic clean.

PULIMAX is biodegradable and is provided with an adjustable jet spray for enhanced performance and value.

PULIMAX is available in 500ml format, fitted with a practical spray top.

PULIMAX is used every day by car wash Professionals.

Try our professional car care products and try the Mafra quality: car wash and car cleaning supplier.

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