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  •  MA-FRA  Fall out

Mavra's Fall Out Cleaner is a highly effective and acid-free metal waste remover ideal for iron and sensitive lines, even on polished polishes and chrome.

Removes quickly and easily even with the most difficult sneezes such as remnants of burning brake pads, oil, rubber and other road wastes.

Due to its enormous ability to disassemble impurities, gems restore their original appearance in a short time. The properties of the product, which give the red color at the time of cleaning, which indicates the effective disassembly of the stains of the lines and thus allow the effectiveness of the naked eye, and it is not on the outer surface of the strings and no screws and even suitable for the sensors of measurement of air pressure in the wheels.

How to use: Spray the product on the plaster surface and wait 3-5 minutes when all the impurities are broken. The color of the liquid will be red. Rinse well. Repeat the process again, and this will be required in difficult situations.

Note: Do not use the product on a hot surface and never dry on the surface.

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MA-FRA Fall out

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